Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Less I Forget

So I thought I'd make a list of 'things' that I don't want to know, in an effort to encourage me when I hit plateaus or get discouraged. Some of these are kinda gross so consider yourself warned before you read on.

1. Sweat between my rolls. It's hot, it's nasty, it smells.

2. Going to sit at a table and my upper roll (yes I have more than one) drags on the table then flops down to my lap.

3. Walking through the gym to the dressing room. People look. I don't see them looking, but I know they do and you do too, we all do. Some one huge walks pass us, we look.

4. Stairs. Don't even try to talk when you get to the top. Rest first. Breathe. Just breathe.

5. Crossing my legs is impossible. I have a roll between my knees on both legs. Who knew you could get a roll there. Crap.

6. Dressing room mirrors. Do I really look like that? Yes, I do.

7. I went to the doctor a few weeks ago, the one-size-fits-all grown was too small.

8. I have a friend that is huge, I mean huge. We went shopping together and I found out she wears a smaller size than I do. Yeah, that stung.

9. Pants - Size 22 or 2x, Shirts 22 or 3x. Nuf said.

10. Ever try to lift a two-ton leg over a motorcycle? It's possible but not before making yourself feel like the biggest lardo in town.

There's so much more but I'll save them for later. Less I forget.


  1. Linda, you are an amazing woman~! Your incredible honesty here is simply amazing~! I do not think I have ever been that honest with myself let alone with a world full of strangers that come to my site. (not that I have one, but you get my drift)

    I came to your site via the scrapbooking and got to looking around and hit on this part. I happen to be gastric bypass survivor, the old school kind. I was not good to myself and have gained some of my weight back, not all of it, but some. So just remember that. Be good to yourself, stick to the program, and you will be fine~!

    The surgery will be fine as well. No worries, because God is with you. He has listened to your prayers and has brought you this far. You are surrounded by people that love you and your goodness shows in all that you do for those of us out here that are strangers to you. My prayers will be with you on Monday. Go in peace. Know that it is the right thing to do.

    And for what its worth, even tho I did not follow MY program, I would not have traded doing the surgery for the world~!


  2. Thank you so much Dava! =)