Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Whole Different Person

On the weight loss group, the below was posted by a gal to another gal who had just had WL surgery. Being my surgery is Monday, I'm posting it here so that I can go back and grab hold of this 'encouragement' when and if I need it.

You are going to be a whole different person in a year!!!!!

Please remember that when you go home the first month is the hardest month that you will ever have to do. It is like relearning everything you knew about eating. It is a good feeling once you get it figured out too. After that it just keeps getting better. There are small bumps in the road, and we are all here for you every step of the way. Tell Dr. Aceves's that Suzanne said Hi and that I am out here trying to make everyone know that this is the best thing in the world that you will ever do for yourself.

It took so much courage for you to make this choice. You are on the road to being very successful. Hang in there send out an E-mail and let us know that you are doing OK after the surgery. You will have very little pain. You will have quite a bit of gas after the surgery and it goes away--I hope you brought some Gas-X along it works wonders for the gas. Just get up and walk a lot after the surgery.

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