Monday, June 14, 2010

100 Good Reasons to Exercise

Make a list of the ones that you would like to achieve and use these reasons as your own personal motivators.

1 Helps to reduce bodyfat
2 Helps lower blood pressure
3 Increases efficiency of heart and lungs
4 Promotes increased flexibility
5 Increases overall fitness level
6 Burns loads of calories
7 Improves blood circulation
8 Strengthens muscles
9 Increases bone density
10 Helps to prevent osteoporosis
11 Slims the body
12 Improves posture
13 Helps you look younger
14 Slows down the aging process
15 Improves your sex life!!!!
16 Reduces risk of back pain
17 Helps improve the look of cellulite
18 Helps you relax and unwind
19 Boosts metabolic rate which helps weight loss
20 Increases energy levels
21 Promotes a natural high
22 Helps reduce your appetite
23 Reduces risk of heart disease
24 Reduces risk of cancer
25 Keeps skin clear
26 Reduces stress
27 Gives your body more definition
28 Encourages you to eat healthy foods
29 Stimulates your mind
30 Can prevent diabetes (Type 2 only)
31 Encourages a healthier lifestyle
32 Helps you enjoy life to the full
33 Increases confidence
34 Improves assertiveness
35 Can help to ease period cramps
36 Helps you feel better during PMT
37 Can act as a natural remedy for some ailments
38 Increases self-esteem
39 Reduces the risk of breast cancer
40 Encourages you to become more socially interactive
41 Tones inner thighs
42 Acts as an anti-depressant
43 Lifts and firms buttocks
44 Helps you to unwind
45 Improves balance
46 Improves co-ordination
47 Can dramatically improve your body shape
48 Promotes a good night’s sleep
49 Reduces cholesterol
50 Improves discipline
51 Increases motivation
52 Combats fatigue
53 Tones back of the arms
54 Promotes therapeutic benefits
55 Gets rid of headaches
56 Increases a new zest for life
57 Firms chest muscles
58 Helps make your hair shinier and healthier
59 Increases body’s immunity system
60 Helps fight against colds and flus
61 Strengthens joints
62 Can naturally provide the same benefits as HRT
63 Can help prevent injury to muscles and joints
64 Gives face a nice, healthy glow
65 Reduces bodyfat from hips
66 Helps the body to become more curvaceous
67 Allows you to eat a little bit more
68 Burns calories that would normally lie as fat
69 Gyms/Fitness Classes can improve your social life
70 Helps you to be more content with yourself
71 Helps you deal with life’s problems more effectively
72 Helps you think more rationally about life
73 Increases your happiness
74 Promotes well-being
75 Increases strength in legs
76 Prevents children from gaining weight
77 Encourages confidence in children
78 Helps build up a natural defence system
79 Fights off sickness and infection
80 Combats boredom
81 Helps prevent varicose veins
82 Maintains joint flexibility
83 Increases mobility in joints
84 Gives you more energy
85 Can help with arthritis in joints
86 Helps strengthen lungs (in the case of asthma)
87 Gives you a more positive outlook on life
88 Promotes a positive self-image
89 Maintains muscle tone and fitness during pregnancy
90 Helps you cope better during labour
91 Acts as an outlet for tension and stress
92 Can aid in the rehabilitation of muscle injury
93 Helps you lose weight off your abdominals
94 Helps you look and feel ten times better
95 Helps you lose weight off the right places
96 Assists the internal organs to function smoothly and effectively
97 Is a healthy way for you and your family to spend quality time
98 Helps you let off steam
99 Sends oxygen to the part of the brain which prevents depression
100 Finally, EXERCISE is FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

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