Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Before & After Surgery

We arrived in Mexicali Mexico via Denver via San Diego via the middle of no where. haha But none the less we are here. We were picked up in San Diego by the hospital van, the driver was very nice, even drove us along the pier to see the cruise ships, submarines and even a few Navy Destroyers. He also showed us the ship that Pirates of the Caribbean was shot on. I'm not a big movie buff by my husband was thrilled. I just wanted to get to the hospital so I could get my labs done and then go eat. I had to fast before labs so I was getting hungry. Here is my picture (taken by my shaky handed husband) after we had done labs and were assigned a room.

Cool note: At the San Diego Airport, we were waiting for our driver and I noticed a gal standing like she was waiting for someone too. I asked her if by chance she was going to have surgery in Mexico and believe it or not she was. Same doctor, same hospital, same surgery date. We have been together every since that meeting. Drove in together, had our labs together, assigned rooms across the hall from each other. It is so cool to have her here, I love being able to compare notes and talk to someone who is right were you are and understands. Are you hurting here? Can you suck all 3 balls up the little machine we use to keep our lungs strong? Anyway, when I first saw Danielle, I thought surely not that she was here for surgery as she isn't FAT FAT. So here's her story, she had lapband 3 years ago by a different doctor, said the doctor was great and the surgery went great and she did lose 60 lbs BUT she has had nothing but trouble with her band. Continuous trouble so she was coming to Dr Aceves to have the band removed and be sleeved. Small world huh.

So Monday morning comes and I get to go first being my sleeve will go fast and they don't know what they are going to find with they do Danielle. I'm glad to report that she did great, they were able to remove the band laparoscopicly (she has it laying on her side table) and she is doing great. She's my brand new BFF!!

My sneaky husband snapped the next picture. This is right after surgery. I wasn't in pain at all but OH.SO.SLEEPY. I slept most of the day. While I was sleeping, Danielle came back from surgery and was bee-bopping up and down the halls thrilled that she was up and walking so soon. Sorry to report though that she paid for that little walk after surgery. She's very sore now. I compared it to the tortoise and the hare story. Advice: Be the tortoise. You'll be glad you did. =)

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