Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Weigh Daily

I weight myself every morning and it's killing me. All the 'people in the know' say you shouldn't, they say to set a weekly weigh-in time instead. But I just can't do that, THAT is how I got fat in the first place...avoiding the scales. I remember seeing them in the bathroom and at the very thought of weighing thinking to myself "I don't want to know"....and the weight creeped on. So I weight daily.

This morning I weighed 237.7. I GAINED a pound and a half! HOW the heck do you GAIN a pound and a half when you live on 600 calories a day?? My first reaction is I give up! but then the reality hits me, I can't give up, my stomach is gone. So now I'm left with despair and reason. I'm going over in my brain all the possibilities and trying to figure out how the heck I gained a pound and a half. Too much salt in my soup maybe? Drinking that bottle of water at 9PM last night? What?

Stupid scales! Stupid fat! Stupid impatience!

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