Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Look, Listen and Learn

More good advice from Dr Aceves group forum:

Please understand and know that the 1st month after the surgery is always the hardest month you will experience.  After that it gets easier.  Now pay attention to what I am going to say.  You really have to relearn how to eat again.  I will tell you this, but you will make the same mistake that ALL of us have made.  You have to take tiny small baby bites and chew and chew and chew when you start eating regular food.  We as humans take BIG bites and barley chew and then swallow--we inhale our food and large amounts of it that we do not need.  This will NO longer work for you.  You will learn it I promise you, but you probably will do what we all did, normal bites and not enough chewing.  It will feel like the food is stuck and it will go down slowly.  Just set your fork or spoon down and wait for it to slide down.  It is a tough lesson to learn, but it is what most of us have had to do.  The first month is difficult because it is boring food and you want to have some regular food.  ~Suzanne

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