Monday, June 7, 2010

Questions People Ask

Did you go alone or did you have someone with you?
My husband went with me. Funny thing is at the San Diego airport I saw a gal waiting for her ride, started talking and she was going to the same place we were but for a revision. We fast became friends and are still talking daily. Also met a gal who had just had surgery while there, she just emailed me today. My point, don't worry, you are among friends. =)

Have you had any shoulder pain from them pumping your stomach full of air?

Yes I have had shoulder pain. I'm taking my Gas X (take some with you, they don't sell it in Mexico), it does seem to help.

Did you fly home?  Did you have any problems with the lap belt over a recent surgery tummy?
I live in Georgia so yes I flew. Atlanta to Denver to San Diego. Their driver will pick you up there. It's about a 2 hour drive from the airport to the hospital. The incisions are on your upper stomach area so no, the seat belts are not a problem at all.

Did they give you any pain meds to take home?  Do the pain meds make you stupid and/or sleepy?
They give you pain meds anytime you ask and then some. All it does is make you sleepy. They said sleep is good, allows your body to heal. Before you leave, they will give you 2 RX's, one is for pain. You have them filled 2 doors down from the hospital at a pharmacy. I walked over there with my husband (in my pj's and robe - haha!). The RX's are cheaper there than in the was around $125 I think but oh so worth it.

What's it like to live on clear liquids for 10 days??? 
10 days of liquids is challenging NOT because you are hungry because you aren't. It's because you are supposed to keep your calories around 750-800, protein 75-80 grams and carbs less than 30.  Good choices are Isopure (taste gross, shake well), beef consomme or broth, Ramon noodles without the noodles.  

What all pre-op testing do they do?
The day you arrive, before you go to your hotel, they will take urine and blood. You will also have a chest x-ray. The next morning they will do an EKG. I'm not sure what exact test they run on the blood and urine. I do know that I was well taken care of and catered to. Also, the day you go home, they bring you a folder that tells in medical terms everything they did to you along with a DVD showing pictures of your insides with instructions to take this folder to you home physician at your check-up.

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