Thursday, March 24, 2011

An Epiphany

In an effort to get ready for 24 Hours of Booty (click on the link to support me P.L.E.A.S.E), I started jogging today and what's really crazy is I liked it! I am a little sore but mentally ready to go again BUT I'm not stupid...I will wait till tomorrow to see if I can still move before I go out again. =]

So anyway, I liked it. I knew I would as I've always wanted to run but couldn't due to the excess weight. The few times I tried I would have shin splints or I couldn't breathe, I just couldn't do it.  

All that to say this... I've always wanted to run. Do you hear the depth of those words? I've always wanted to run. Thing is...before, I wanted to run to escape. I wanted to run away. Now, I still want to run but not to escape, I want to run because I am finally free. Do you understand what an epiphany that is? I want to run with my arms thrust out wide! I want to kick my feet up and take off running! I am free....finally I am free. 

110 lbs down....size 10 running....I am free. 

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