Sunday, March 13, 2011

Update - 9 Months Out

I found on my computer an online diary that I started back in January 2010. The content was profound and gross at the same time. I copied and pasted the diary to this blog....less I forget. If you want to read it (warning: grossness), go back to around that date. At that time, I was discouraged because I'd realized that lapband surgery was an impossibility due to the American cost so I was going to 'pretend' I'd had the surgery and try to live on the lapband diet. Virtual Lapband surgery is what I called it. Thing is, I couldn't do it.

BUT yeah GOD, He was still in control. God in his mercy opened up the doors for me to go to Mexico and get a better surgery (Vertical or Gastric Sleeve) for a fraction of the American band cost! I had excellent care and would do it again in a split second if need be. I'm 9 months in now and down 108 lbs weighing in at 158 lbs from 266. I now wear a loose size 12 jeans and medium top. =D

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