Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So I'm almost a year out...almost at goal.

And apparently I'm thinking I'm all that, that I have it together, I know what I'm doing. Yeah well pooh.

Apparently I've been fooling myself. Why is it that bad habits are so easy to make and good ones fall by the wayside as soon as we look the other way?

I'm talking about journaling. Starting out I journaled my eating like crazy. Wrote down everything...but then it went down hill from there. I got lax. Journaling here and there. Looking up foods here and there. Excepting that my weight loss had slowed down as just part of the ride. Well pooh again.

I just looked at a few labels of items that I had started eating truly thinking they were ok only to find out they are loaded with carbs. Stupid stick-to-my-bones carbs. NO WONDER MY WEIGHT LOSS HAS HALTED TO AN ALMOST STOP!

So yeah, I'm back to journaling. Using my good old fatsecret.com account to keep track of those evil carbs. BTW, fatsecret.com is great because you can journal from the computer or your phone so that makes it easy and convienant to use.

So now that I'm back on track...hopefully my next check in will be to boast of my getting to GOAL. =)

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