Thursday, May 26, 2011

What to Do when all else Fails

1 pound below's what I've recently learned.

As a former fatty, I must never ever ever let my guard down. Ever. The last three months have been hard. Weight loss almost at a stand still. I moaned and groaned, got so frustrated and threatened to kick my scales even. 'Bout decided that maybe 155 was where I was going to stay then as a last ditch effort, decided to try getting back to basics.

The plan was to go back to that first month after surgery. I drank 2 protein shakes a day and broth for dinner. No snacks. Calories back to way under a thousand, protein over 100 and carbs as far under 40 as I could get and at least 64 oz of water. I did this for only 4 days and yet it was like my eyes were opened.

I noticed how much I'd been snacking...not deliberate snacks, just a peanut or two (or 12) here, a chip here and there, a taste of the grandbabies Koolaid and way too many trips to the ice cream shop with hubby. Meals too were out of kilter. The carbs were invading and I'd not even noticed.

By following this cleansing back-to-basic first month ritual, I cleaned out the carbs from my system. By journaling every single thing that went into my body, I began to see the err of my ways. Today (a week later) I'm weighing 149. It was worth it I'd say.

So what about now....well I have a plan. My eyes have been opened...I know what to watch for, I know how to stay out of trouble (journal & avoid bad carbs like the plague) and I know what to do if I should I slip again (go cold turkey and get the garbage out of my system!)

So there you have it. I do hope it helps.

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