Thursday, January 19, 2012

Protein Powders / Drinks

I didn't do this research but I found it and want to share it:

Excellent/Very Good
PVL Whey Gourmet Peanut butter and chocolate
About Time Chocolate
Champion Pure Whey Stack Chocolate mixed with IDS Vanilla Cinnamon (by
Chike Banana Magic
Dynamize Elite Pina Colada
Gaspari's MyoFusion Banana Perfection
IDS Multi-Pro Whey Belgian Chocolate
IDS Multi-Pro Whey Isolate Vanilla Cinnamon
Lean Dessert Banana Nut Bread
Lean Dessert Banana Cream Pudding
Lean Dessert Chocolate Coconut Candy Bar
Lean Dessert Chocolate Fudge Pudding
Syntrax Nectar Fuzzy Peach
Syntrax Nectar Sweets Chocolate Truffle
Syntrax Nectar Twisted Cherry
Unjury Chicken Soup

4 Ever Fit Fruit Blast Cranrazz
About Time Birthday Cake
Allmax Isoflex Chocolate Mint
Allmax Isoflex Peanut Butter Chocolate
Champion Pure Whey Stack Cookies and Cream
Champion Pure Whey Stack Tropical Sunrise
Designer Whey Chocolate Peanut Caramel
Designer Whey Strawberry
Dymatize Elite Orange Dreamsicle (in water... I bet it'd be even better with soymilk blended with ice)
Dymatize Elite Rich Chocolate
Gaspari's MyoFusion Chocolate Mint
Gaspari's MyoFusion Milk Chocolate
IDS Multi-Pro Whey Isolate Mixed Berry
IDS Multi-Pro Whey Isolate Vanilla Cream
Lean Dessert Whipped Vanilla Cream
Optimum Caramel Toffee Fudge
Syntrax Nectar Chocolate Truffle
Syntrax Nectar Crystal Sky (fruit punch)
Syntrax Nectar Natural Peach
Syntrax Nectar Strawberry Kiwi

4 Ever Fit Fruit Blast Tangy Orange
4 Ever Fit Lemon Tea
About Time Strawberry
Allmax Chocolate
Allmax Isoflex Strawberry
Champion Whey Pure Whey Stack Banana Scream
Champion Whey Pure Whey Stack Chocolate
Champion Whey Pure Whey Stack Chocolate Peanut Butter
Champion Whey Pure Whey Stack Cocoa-Mochaccino
Champion Whey Pure Whey Stack Strawberry
Chike Chocolate
Chike Orange Creme
Designer Whey Chocolate
Designer Vanilla Praline
Dymatize Elite Berry Blast
Dymatize Elite Cafe Mocha
Dymatize Elite Chocolate Mint
Dymatize Elite Gourmet Vanilla
Dymatize Elite Smooth Banana
Gaspari's MyoFusion Chocolate Peanut Butter (but when mixed with mocha Click was fantastic!)
Gaspari's MyoFusion Delicious Vanilla
IDS Multi-Pro Whey Isolate Banana
IsoPure Dutch Chocolate
Optimum Nutrition Rocky Road (but done with almond milk, could be better with soy)
Optimum Vanilla Ice Cream (boring)
ProBlend Strawberry Twist
ProBlend 55 Alpine Vanilla
ProBlend 55 Mocha Cappuccino
ProComplex Chocolate Ice Cream
Syntrax Nectar Cappuccino
Syntrax Nectar Carribean Cooler
Syntrax Nectar Pink Grapefruit (with water)
Syntrax Nectar Roadside Lemonade (with water)
Syntrax Nectar Strawberry Mousse
Syntrax Nectar Vanilla Bean Torte

4 Ever Fit Fruit Blast Raspberry (medicinal... can you say "cough syrup"?)
Designer French Vanilla
Proscore 100 Chocolate
Proscore Vanilla

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