Thursday, February 14, 2013

He Cracks Me Up!

So today is Valentine's Day AND the first day of Ronnie's liquid diet in preparation for his Gastric Sleeve Surgery. What a day to start ALL LIQUIDS!! But alas, we will survive. I say "we" because I am his support person so I'm doing the liquid diet with him. GULP!

We began today with weigh in, measurements, pictures (HIS idea by the way!) and his first protein shake!

BTW...Ronnie has never thought of himself as fat (as you can see from the pictures of him strutting his stuff!) but he does know he is not healthy. He's come to a point in his life where he knows he's got to make some major life decisions and he has chose to live. I applaud his decision. He's the strongest, bravest and funniest man I know!

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