Saturday, February 9, 2013

Introducing Ronnie!

Meet my husband and stay tuned for his journey. Yep...this blog will no longer be about just my weight loss journey as of the 21st of this month. (Feb 21, 2013) After ANOTHER bad report from Ronnie's doctor, he has decided to follow my footsteps and head to Mexico for a Gastric Sleeve. Only difference is he will be going to Dr. Kelly whom I met a year and a half ago when I took my daughter down for gastric sleeve. (LOVE Dr K!) Ronnie is 6 ft tall and his starting weight at surgery is 265 with a BMI of 35.9. His top weight was 287.

I'm so glad that he has decided to do this and I'm looking forward to the future! Stay with us as we update his journey here on the blog. =)

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