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Pre-Surgery Diet
Practice Tips

1. Choose low-fat foods, and avoid fried foods.
2. Stop using sugar. Use sugar substitutes such as Sweet & low, Equal, or Splenda.
3. Decrease intake of desserts and candy.
4. Stop drinking sugar-sweetened beverages such as regular soda and sweetened
5. Start weaning off of caffeine and carbonated beverages.
6. Start cutting back on fast food and eating
7. Eat 3 meals a day. Do not skip breakfast.
8. Start decreasing portion sizes.
9. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
10. Practice drinking water and other fluids between meals, not with meals.
11. Drink 64 ounces water a day.
12. Practice sipping liquids.
13. Avoid alcohol.
14. Begin some form of exercise.
15. Review the following information on the gastric sleeve diet.
16. Practice chewing foods thoroughly, 20 - 40 times or to paste consistency.
17. Purchase your protein drinks or supplements.
18. Purchase your vitamin and mineral supplements.
19. Begin planning a schedule for mealtime, fluids and vitamin and mineral

This Diet is going to be for 8 to 10 days before the surgery, this diet is for you to start changing your habits because you have to be phyched for your New and Healthy Life that you are about to begin!!



You will need to follow this simple diet for 8 to 10 days prior to surgery. This is necessary to help shrink the liver and make the surgery easier to perform.

    Please do not eat anything on your day of arrival until after all testing is completed. After testing you will be able to eat until 08:00 pm the night before surgery.

    Allowed foods (3 day pre surgery diet)

  • All kinds of liquids
  • Water, tea, lemon water (take at least 3.5 litters a day)
  • Fruit juice drinks, natural fruit beverages, chicken stock, vegetables, cream soups, skim milk, yogurt, jelly (gelatine desserts).
  • Same liquids plus pureed foods a day (a first stage of Gerber sized, strained).
  • Mashed fruits, vegetables, cereals (oatmeal, rice, potato, noodles, mixed).

    Please avoid and/or limit salt intake. It will keep the swelling down after surgery. Do not smoke at least one week before your surgery and don’t take aspirin.

    After your surgery we will provide you personalized care, giving attention to identifying your needs and evaluating outcome.

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