Tuesday, May 14, 2013

3 Year Sleeve Update

This update is on me, Linda. May 31st is my sleeve anniversary. I'll be 3 years into this journey. My lowest weight was 134 but sadly went up to 152 where my body seamed to settle and maintained for some time. So recently I started 'dieting' again and lost 1 pound. I was so excited to be 151 and thought yea! I'm losing again. So Sunday I weigh and BAM!! 154!! and I'm like WHAT ON EARTH!!!!  Discouraged, I decide to start journaling again in an attempt to figure out what I'm doing wrong.

NOTE: I'M 3 YEARS OUT!!! I SHOULD KNOW WHAT I'M DOING WRONG! I SHOULD BE A PRO ON THIS STUFF BY NOW!! RIGHT??? Wrong. Like an alcoholic I will always have a problem with food. I should know this. But I don't. I forget. I start thinking I'm normal but I'm not. I have issues with food. I can't eat what others eat and expect to stay thin. It's not in my DNA. 

How is it that I can let my guard down so much and be totally oblivious to stuff that I ought to have down now? I found out that the Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino's that I've been enjoying (1 sometimes 2 a day) have 37 carbs....my Keurig tea that is sweetened with Stevia is 18 carbs. (Granted that's better than the McDonald's Sweet tea that I was enjoying DAILY for a while there) but still 18 carbs - add these to the regular food carbs and today I have consumed 96 carbs yet only 945 calories which just goes to prove that it's not calories that are make my body fat...it's carbs!!!! So you would think that I'd KNOW how many carbs were in something before I put it in my mouth...not wait 6 months later to look them up. But no, I forget. Today has been mentally  hard...journaling I realized how much snacking I've been doing too. I've got to stop eating between meals. I've got to stick to 3 meals a day only! I've got to go back to basics.

So why am I telling you this? Because when I went back to fatsecret.com I was looking at my weight chart. November 2011 I was at 135. That's a year and a half after surgery and I was still losing weight...look at the chart below. And then I slacked up, stopped journaling and behaving, got comfortable thinking I wouldn't gain weight and now I'm 154. If you have been sleeved or are even thinking about being sleeved...YOU HAVE GOT TO REMEMBER that your sleeve is just a tool and you must work that tool. It is NOT FOOLPROOF!!  Get it under control now, get off the sugar carbs before you start gaining and struggling...seriously.

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