Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ronnie - 81 lbs GONE!

Ronnie went to the doctor last week and yeah! was released. He no longer needs to go to the diabetic specialist!! He's doing so well! Weighed in on Saturday at 208 (he's 6 ft tall). Funny thing....while at the diabetic doctor, she congratulated him on losing 78 lbs. He said, no, that he'd only lost 52 lbs. She goes, no and starts flipping back through his chart to February of 2012. Showed him a copy of his picture that they had taken for his chart and showed him where he weighed 289. He sat there and that revelation that hit's almost all of us sleevers hit him. He said....I never knew I was that big. I think this is huge (no pun intended). We knew we were overweight...but....chose a blind eye to it....mostly I think because we didn't know how to fix it. We had been counting the weight he was when he had his surgery as his beginning weight but really should go back to his actual highest weight. It looks better on paper you know! HA!!
Thank GOD for this wonderful sleeve procedure! Way to go Ronnie!

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