Monday, October 14, 2013

The Four Rules

The following was taken from a newsletter that I receive from Kaye Bailey, author of the Five Day Pouch Test. Her surgery was gastric bypass but I find that the information she shares is very helpful to us sleevers as well. Her website is Be sure to sign up for her newsletter. Good stuff!!


The Four Rules:  

Before surgery most of us were taught the Four Rules we must follow in order to achieve the best results with weight loss surgery - any procedure. Those rules (with minor variations from one bariatric surgeon to the next) are:
  • Protein First
  • Lots of Water
  • No Snacking
  • Daily Exercise  
In order to maintain weight loss and keep the obesity from which we suffer in remission we must follow these rules for life. When we meet patients who have maintained a healthy body weight for several years with weight loss surgery we learn that in most cases they live by the Four Rules. 

If it has been a while since you have given consideration to the Four Rules I invite you today to spend a little time refreshing your knowledge and enthusiasm about Protein First. Actually, this is my favorite rule because it means good food without the guilt! Link to the articles of interest and take a look at some of our great WLS recipes. There is something for everyone as we get excited again about the Four Rules!  


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