Hospital Gear

Some items you may want to consider taking to the hospital with you:

Pajamas, the nurses and doctors will be checking your incisions so you might be more comfortable in your own pajamas than the hospital gowns, however, hospital gowns are provided if you prefer.

Non skid slippers, thongs, or slip on shoes of some sort. The hospital floors are very clean and waxed, so you'll want non-skid. It will be sore to bend over so you won't want to tie shoe laces so slip on shoes are easier.

A favorite robe, many times it is comforting to have a favorite robe.

Computer - if you have a laptop you are welcome to bring it. The hospital and hotel are set up with wireless internet connection.

Cell phone - Most cell phones work well in the hospital, if your phone does not work most of the staff will loan you their phone.

The electrical system is the same in Mexico as the US so you do not need a converter for your hair dryer, computer or cell phone charger.

Shampoo - this is provided by the hospital but many prefer their own brands so they prefer to bring their own.

Book or other reading material. You will not likely feel like reading the day of surgery but you might the day after surgery.

Loose fitting clothing to wear coming home. You will likely feel a bit bloated after surgery so bring a sweat suit or something very loose fitting and comfortable for your ride home from the hospital.

I do not suggest bringing much cash with you. Unless you want to do a little shopping the day before your surgery there is no need for much cash. You will want to purchase dinner the night before surgery and $25.00 per person will cover that easily, less for most restaurants. If you want to have access to cash then credit cards are a safer alternative. You will not need to convert US dollars to pesos, you can use US dollars for your companion in the hospital cafeteria and all businesses around Mexicali if you choose to do a little shopping.