Post Op Diet

Dr. Aceves is very strict about the post op diet. You will be on clear liquids for 10 days, full liquids for 10 days, and soft foods for 10 days. Think of it this way, clears are broth, jello, tea, Isopure protein drinks (or unjury []), PowerAid Zero, products such as this. Full liquids, if it would go through a straw you can probably have it. Blended soups, yogurt, creamed soups, and similar foods. Soft foods, the rule of thumb here is that if you had no teeth but you could eat it anyway, you can probably have it. Soft tuna salad (no celery, etc.), blended chicken salad if you tolerate it well. Oatmeal, soft veggies, soft fruits without the skin, etc. Be creative. This is not a time for weight loss, this is a time for healing. If you lose weight, great! If you don't, we don't care. We want the staple line to heal, that is the primary focus and not weight loss during the post op diet.

Keep in mind one main concept here. The reason for the post op diet is mostly so scar tissue and adhesion's can form well over the staple line. Dr. Aceves will take tissue from both sides of the staple line, pull them up and over the staple line and sew them together, he's basically oversewing the staple line. Scarring needs to engulf the sutures, we want that. This is something that is desired. When you are on clear liquids your stomach stays quite still. It does not have to churn and work to break down food and push it through to your intestines. If you were to eat a piece of steak you would find your stomach working very hard to mix the food with stomach acid, break it down, and push it through to the intestines. This causes the newly forming strands of adhesion's to break and not form well. Thus, clear liquids progressing to full liquids, to soft foods. Just because you *can* eat something does not mean you should eat. Stick to the diet. Your staple line will be very fragile the first month and you need to baby your stomach. The diet is annoying but not out of line. It's a short time throughout your whole life and well worth it for the sake of your health.